Story of Anni King

She is a Taiwanese raised in South Africa; She is a young woman with a highly cherished dream for fashion; She is a designer that elevates the confidence and aesthetics of women through handbags; She is an entrepreneur that brings women toward a better life with Anni King Handbags.

The story of Anni King begins with the dream of a girl. Since a young age, she has always shown immense interest in the aesthetics of fashion. Not only did she immerse herself in related topics of fashion; in order to be at the epicenter of the luxury handbag market, she took up employment after school hours at the Louis Vuitton store in Johannesburg. During her employment at Louis Vuitton she cannot help but notice the undeniable display of confidence through the customer’s smiles when the latest styles of handbags are shown to them; this is when she first incepted the idea of creating her own brand; her goal is to design and create handbags that has a profound significance and at the same time are able to bring a sense of confidence to people. At last, in the year 2012, she founded her own label, Anni King; a luxury leather handbag brand based in Johannesburg. The handbags have become items of desirability for the consumers due to its simple designs with clean lines partnered with fine quality and its attractive pricing. Anni King Handbags gained instant popularity in the local market and soon becomes a vital piece of accessory among local celebrities and fashion bloggers when show casing their individual fashion styles.

The new collection has once again taken the South African media by storm, becoming the leading trend setter in the fashion industry. The recognition of local consumers and media did not make Anni King complacent as a brand; Anni King is continuously committed to the improvement in the quality of its handbags. When designing the handbags, enormous attention is given to the core value and the brand personality, emphasizing individuality. Whether dressed in a pair of comfortable jeans or a glamorous evening gown, an Anni King handbag is able to exhibit your personal style through its well-balanced lines, proportions and silhouettes. Each Anni King handbag is crafted utilizing the finest quality leather in order to maintain the luxury texture of the handbags; through the hands of the skilled craftsmen, the handbags are a precise interpretation of the designs; narrating the Anni King story again and again. In 2015, the story of Anni King is to be extended from Africa to Asia, believing the Anni King handbag which brought confidence and beauty to the African women will shine ever so brightly in Asia, creating beauty stories that belong to the Asian women.